Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Virginia Chapter of APPA (VAPPA). We are a network of facilities management professionals working in a range of educational contexts: university, college, community college, K-12, and vocational-technical. We represent institutions from all around the Commonwealth, both public and private. We promote APPA’s mission of Leadership in Educational Facilities within Virginia.

VAPPA’s signature event is our annual conference, usually held in late Spring every year, in Williamsburg. The conference is led by enthusiastic volunteers committed to the power of knowledge-sharing and professional networking. Our 2023 conference was a great success. Plans are now underway for the 2024 conference.

VAPPA’s other initiatives include working with member schools to bring valuable training opportunities to their campuses, utilizing APPA’s Drive-in Workshops and Supervisor’s Toolkit. We often provide financial assistance to hosting schools. Our business partners provide expertise and resources to make these events meaningful.

VAPPA is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. We seek participation at all levels of facilities management. We welcome feedback so that VAPPA can be meaningful to your organization. On behalf of past and current VAPPA board members, we appreciate the work you do in supporting your institution’s campus environment. You play an essential role in educating and training the Commonwealth’s future leaders and innovators.

Warm Regards,

James Joyner, MSA, CEFP

2023/2024 VAPPA President

Zone Manager, Facilities Management, University of Virginia

James Joyner, MSA, CEFP - President

Meet The Team


Seth Arnold, Vice President for Education

James Madison University

Option 1

Brian Connolly, Member-at- Large

Washington & Lee University

Michael Duffy, CAFM

Michael Duffy, Vice President for Communications

University of Virginia


Brian Pinkston, Past President

University of Virginia


Kevin Miller, Vice President for Membership

Hampden-Sydney College


Adam Moyer, Vice President for Conferences

Virginia Military Institute


Steve Patterson, Member-at-Large

NOVA Community College


Susan Piguet, Business Partner Liaison


Angela Stimpson, Member-at-Large

Longwood University


Terry Maynard, Treasurer

University of Virginia

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Welcome to the Virginia Chapter of Association of Physical Plant Administrators (VAPPA).

VAPPA is the gathering place for educational facilities professionals, dedicated to the ongoing evolution of the profession across the state of Virginia.

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