Sponsor a VAPPA Event.

When you partner with VAPPA, you put your brand directly in front of your target audience.

When you sponsor a VAPPA event, you not only have the opportunity to place your organization’s brand directly in front of an audience of other organizations, businesses, and individuals that can benefit your mission, but also the opportunity to engage with them.

Together, we can learn, network, share, and discover.

Partner with VAPPA today!

Why Sponsor a VAPPA Event?

Free Membership

When you sponsor a VAPPA event, your organization receives a complimentary business partnership membership to further connect with our community.

Meet Your Audience

Sponsoring an event allows your organization to attend events free of charge and setup a booth to allow you to engage with our community, which can lead to great networking opportunities.

Use Our Platform

When you sponsor an event, we place your brand directly in front of our community on all of our platforms, including event benefits as well as a short bio and link to your organization.

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Who Can Apply?

Sponsoring an event is open to all individuals, organizations, and manufacturers, who provide products and services to the facilities management marketplace or who have an interest in reaching facilities managers in the educational environment. Business Partners are encouraged to join VAPPA to maximize the number of benefits received.

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